Social Movements Through Sociodrama-Based Local Wisdom to Enhance Hinterland Nationalism [Gerakan Sosial Melalui Sosio Drama Berbasis Kearifan Lokal Untuk Meningkatkan Nasionalisme Daerah Pedalaman]

Ahmad Sudi Pratikno, Dewi Nur Masita


Social movement is an effort to provide benefits to others. However, within the context of cultivating the character, research on social movement through socio-drama based on local wisdom is very limited. This study aims to examine the increasing character of nationalism through social movements in the form of socio-drama. Research subjects were elementary and secondary students residing in rural area. This research used qualitative and descriptive method. Data collection techniques were documentations, observations, and interviews. The results showed that the increased character of nationalism only arise when playing socio-drama only, they would return to the previous character. Cultivating the character values need a long time, so the change of character did not necessarily happen.


social movement; socio-drama; local wisdom; nationalism character

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