Impact of Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the Utilization of Digital Media Technology towards Siber Community Behavior [Dampak Revolusi Industri 4.0 Dan Kemanfaatan Teknologi Media Digital Terhadap Perilaku Buruk Masyarakat Siber]

Sri Ayu Astuti


The influence of the Indonesian Industrial Revolution 4.0 on Indonesian society today has a tremendous impact on the changing lives of social and cultural communities. The enormity of the impact of industrial technology acceleration also affects communication technology which plays an important role in the function of the structure of postmodern society's life, namely changes in mindset and cultural behavior in the communication space with digital media. The influence on the enormity of the changes in the industrial revolution was marked by a communication technology revolution with communication technology systems and information dissemination that were not only intelligent in applications but also easy and cheap in achieving the objectives of communication outcomes desired by each communication community. This fourth generation industrial revolution must indeed be admitted to experiencing a sharp development and be able to change every decision of the mind and human mind related to practical communication (instant), on the evolving function of communication using the benefits of digital media technology. Internet system attached to. Digital media and used as a distribution of information, has experienced a very intensive information overflow in the frequency of cyberspace (Cyberspace) to become a world without borders. Dynamic communication space in the function of the open communication system turns out that in its implementation it often ignores ethics in the function of the form of communication delivery about taste, will, and achievement of the form of communication that is processed as information and news that uses virtual space. The result is unhealthy communication in the use of digital media functions, which are suspected of committing many violations of law against prejudice and lies or popular with the word Hoax. This situation is exacerbated by the importance of political communication rolling in the public sphere. For this reason, it is very important to control through the implementation of communication law enforcement, strictly based on the provisions of Law Number 19 the Year 2016 concerning ITE. The enforcement of this law contextually requires that law enforcement agencies be able to be smart and understand the power of the functions of Media Literacy, with an understanding of the content of the communication itself.


Industrial Revolution; Digital Media; Ethics; Political communication; Law Enforcement of the ITE Law.

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