Enhancing Entrepreneurial Souls Through Online Business Training for Teachers / Big Families of Sidangkasih Islamic Al-Amin Union Boarding School (Pesantren Persatuan Islam Al-Amin) on Ciamis Regency [Meningkatkan Jiwa Wirausaha Melalui Diklat Bisnis Online bagi Guru/Keluarga Besar Pesantren Persatuan Islam Al-Amin Sidangkasih Kabupaten Ciamis]

Yoni Hermawan, Gugum Gumilar, Renda Gumilar


Islamic Al-Amin Islamic Boarding School is a modern boarding school in Sindangkasih district of Ciamis regency. This pesantren has a large number of educators with most of the entrepreneurial spirit that is unfortunately not developed, but in reality, faces several obstacles. Teachers in pesantren are mostly young people who have high integrity and passion in performing their duties, besides they have a desire besides being an educator, they aspire to have their own business but with the condition do not interfere with teaching and learning routine it's their job. The reason for the desire to have this business is because the teachers in the pesantren are honorary staff who are not yet permanent employees. So the intent of this entrepreneurship is one way to improve their welfare by still not leaving their basic duty, namely to become professional educators. Looking at the potentials and problems of these partners, we took the initiative to conduct training focused on at-tajdid teachers regarding starting and developing an online business. Why online business? Because this company is a way out for they the problem of because online business activities do not take up their daily activities. The way to be done is to bring in speakers and trainers who are experts in running an online business. We are cooperating with Yubi Tasik community, yubi this is the community of people who have a business online that exist in official company yuk bisnis.com which happened to have a branch in Tasikmalaya. Hopefully, this cooperation will be a solution to the problems faced by teachers in pesantren Al-Amin Sindangkasih Islamic College of Ciamis Regency


online business; pesantren

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30874/comdev.2017.5


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