The Significance of Business Capital and Business Location Affects to The Merchants Income at Car Free Day Event

Siska Mardiana, A. Annisarizki


The paper attempt to identify the determinants of merchant income in Indonesia framework using a questionnaire to examining about a business location and business capital effect on the income of merchants of the Cilegon Entrepreneur Association (Pawon)  in Cilegon Car Free Day.  The using approach  is descriptive quantitative with the total population of 400 traders than by using slovin formula, resulting in a sample of 80 respondent,  with the analysis used multiple linear regression analysis, with variable X1 that is business capital, variable X2 that is business location and variable Y that is merchant's income The result of this research is business capital has an effect to the merchant's income then business location has an effect on the merchant's income and jointly business capital and business location have an effect 43,1% to the merchant's income.


Business Capital; Business Location; Merchant Income; Car Free Day; Enterpreneurship

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