Workshop on Objection Content Production and Fact-checking in Campus Media Broadcast VOX RADIO 107.9 FM Kendari [Workshop produksi konten sanggahan dan fact-checking Pada Media Kampus VOX RADIO 107.9 FM Kendari]

Jumrana Sukisman, Sitti Utami Rezkiawaty Kamil, S. Sutiyana, Asrul Jya, M. Masrul


Broadcast media should be used to provide information and produce positive content for the audience. In the order of the constellation of democracy in Indonesia, the media is a pillar of the fourth democracy, this means that the position and role of the media are very calculated and considered important. As a campus broadcast media, Vox radio 107.9FM is here to provide information and become a space for expression and creativity for students. As a social agent and agent of change, students are required to master information, and students must have the ability to sort the information. Vox Radio is organized and managed under the Laboratory of Communication Studies. To improve the ability to choose the right news and information content, a workshop on production of objection content and fact-checking was carried out on the VOX RADIO 107.9 FM Campus Broadcast Media at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at Halu Oleo University which was attended by 15 participants consisting of laboratory staff and announcer Vox Radio. Found the fact that all student participants tend to be lazy to validate and verify facts about the information they receive. The results of the training show that there is a change in the knowledge and skills of the trainees. Besides that, the continuation of the training was to produce Viral Z Broadcast to refute the hoax, and collaboration with Mafindo to conduct digital literacy on campus.


Radio; Hoax; Fact-Checking

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