Strengthening the Ability of Cabe Merah Kriting Farmers (Capsicuum Annuum L) in Tanjung Wangi Village, Cicalengka District, Bandung Regency, West Java [Penguatan Kemampuan Petani Cabe Merah Kriting (Capsicuum Annuum L) di Desa Tanjung Wangi Kecamatan Cicalengka Kabupaten Bandung Jawa Barat]

Yayat Sukayat, Hepi Hapsari, Dika Supyandi, Neni Rostini


Tanjung Wangi Village is a hillside village to the mountains covering an area of 637, 625 ha, with a height of 1105 m above sea level (asl), and average temperature reaches 27oC. One of the village’s most valuable commodities is chili. This village has 16.73 Ha, or 72.73% of the planting area of chili in Kec Cicalengka, with production of 3218.16 kw or ranges from 0.8 to 1.1 kg / tree. The problem facing farmers is the price of seeds that continue to soar and dependancy to the hybrid seeds. The productivity has not significantly different to the open poliner red pepper produced by Unpad. Therefore, it is interested to disseminate it to the farmers. The purpose of this dissemination program is to increase the knowledge of the farmers in developing the seeds of Unpad Red Cry Chili (CK5), and it is expected that the farmers will have knowledge in seed propagation. The method is using the action research followed with a workshop, which involves chili farmers to discuss problems encountered (through lecture and FGD) and continued with simulation. The result is that the farmer knows how to propagate the seeds and will try to do the demonstration plot in the area for 100 plants.


workshop; red chili; FGD; enhancement

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