The Implementation of Information and Communication Technology on Learning Process in Communication Department of UHO Facing Industrial Revolution 4.0 [Penerapan Teknologi Komunikasi dan Informasi Pada Pembelajaran Jurusan Ilmu Komunikasi UHO Menghadapi Revolusi Industri 4.0]

Sitti Utami Rezkiawaty Kamil, Hasriyani Amin, S. Saidin, Ambo Upe


The most obvious progress in communication technology and information today is the speed and ease of access that can be enjoyed by anyone. Entering the era of industrial revolution 4.0, a collaboration between the world of education and communication technology should be encouraged to facilitate access to information in the learning process so that it can answer the challenges of today's modern world. Taking policy and decisions related to higher education must be able to adapt to the conditions in this fourth generation industrial revolution era. This paper tries to explain the urgency of a Communication and Information Technology Application Training in the Learning Process of the Communication Science Department in Facing the Age of Industrial Revolution 4.0. As for the approach used is an approach that we call a persuasive-educative approach, which is intended to provide a number of understandings, skills, and knowledge so that it can apply communication and information technology to the learning process of the communication science department. In this training, the methods were lectures, discussions and practices/exercises. The results show that through this Training can encourage the strengthening of academic programs and research and innovation in the learning process of communication sciences. The creation of a communication and information technology-based learning atmosphere in the communication science department that is supported by information systems and integrated education services in communication science laboratories.


Industrial Revolution 4.0;Technology; Communication; Information; Digital.

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