Increased Competence of Human Resources in the Field of F & B Service in Food and Beverage Enterprises in the Puncak, Bogor Regency [Peningkatan Kompetensi SDM Bidang F&B Service pada Usaha Makanan dan Minuman Di Kab. Bogor]

Vincent Sylvester Leewellyn, Nami Fitricia Pasaribu, Asep Syaiful Bahri


According to BPS West Java Province data, the number of visits in 2016 for foreign tourists to Bogor Regency in 2016 reached 228,913 and 4,955,079 for domestic tourists. The increase in tourist arrivals should be supported by facilities and infrastructure and business tourism services including tourism services in the field of food and beverages. To improve the ability of HR (employees) who work in the food and beverage business services sector, activities are needed that aim to increase the capacity of human resources (employees) of food and beverage businesses in Bogor Regency. Community service regarding the Improvement of Excellent Services Capability in Food and Beverage Enterprises in the Bogor Regency Peak Area was attended by 30 participants who were employees in the business of food and beverage tourism services who were directly selected by the Bogor Regency Culture and Tourism Service. Based on the results of this community service activity, the following conclusions can be drawn: the provision of knowledge and technology on improving management capabilities Capability of Excellent Services in Food and Beverage Enterprises in the Peak District. Bogor was well received by the participants and achieved the goals planned previously. This is indicated by the ability of participants to be able to understand and direct practice regarding service excellent. In addition, there were participants who after this training were appointed as supervisors at the restaurant where the participants worked.


Competence of HR in F & B Service; Food and Beverage Business.

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