Financial Management For Cipacing Village Apparatus

Roebiandini Soemantri, Memed Sueb, Yusar Yusar Sagara


The purpose of village financial management training is to improve the village financial management apparatus to be more transparent, accountable, participatory, orderly and budget disciplined, and to increase the knowledge of village officials of the important roles of village regulations as a legal umbrella in managing village finance. The research method was conducted through Focus Group Discussion which was attended by fifteen cipacing village officials, Cipacing Village, Jatinangor Subdistrict, Sumedang Regency. The results obtained were that the village officials had agreed to make village regulations, but they failed to implement them. Therefore, it is recommended that the village community who do not yet have a village regulation, for example, the regulation about carik land, levies or quotes to the villagers, and others, must be immediately agreed to issue the regulations as long as they get agreement from the villagers and follow the legal umbrella above: the regent regulations, the governor regulations and the 1945 Constitution.


Village; Financial ;Management.

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