The Influence of Crisis, Issue and Risk Management Training on the Existence of Semen Padang Company in West Sumatra [Pengaruh Pelatihan Manajemen Krisis, Isu, dan Risiko terhadap Eksistensi Perusahaan Semen Padang di Sumatera Barat]

Ludwig Suparmo, Moses Glorino Rumambo Pandin


The problems issued by Indonesia government policies not only had an impact on the existence of Semen Padang Company (PT Semen Padang) but also for the people of Padang and surrounding villages. Community Service activity through Crisis Management Training, Issues and Risks activity provided a positive-anticipatory attitude fostered PT Semen Padang companies. The concept used was Prepared, Be Available and Be Authoritative. Through training materials and methods strengthen early detection capabilities and preventive attitudes towards signs of a crisis. The results of the training were felt not only by the top leaders but also all managements to persevere in facing the problems at hand. The expertise and motivation of the trainer, as well as the long experience of the trainer, strengthen the training management communication strategies of the trainees, while at the same time raising their confidence to continue working, and be more motivated. Recommendations for this training are given in the final note of the conclusion.


Anticipation; Risk; Crisis; Decision Making; Strategy.

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