The Importance of Supporting From Early for Family Welfare Improvement in Jampang Village, Bogor

Listya Sugiyarti, Nur Asmilia, Rakhmawati Oktavianna, W. Wizanasari


Saving is setting aside some of the money you have to save and can be used later when needed. Saving is one way to manage finances to meet our needs. At the Community Service this time, the theme was the importance of saving from an early age held on 28-30 October 2018 in the village of Jampang, Bogor. What is taught to save is that children from school age because saving is a positive thing especially if done from a young age? The method used is the presentation of material that is easy to understand and interesting for children. Savings media that are made by them using used bottles are very interesting things for them. Most of the parents of these children are fish farmers whose income is volatile, so the lecturers teach children to be able to set aside their allowances to be more useful later. And is expected to be able to help them especially to meet their school costs and needs.



Saving; early age; Community service; Jampang Village Bogor

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