Literasi Pengelolaan Keuangan Simpan Pinjam bagi Ibu-ibu Rumah Tangga di Kabupaten Malang

Yunia Mulyani Azis, Sussy Susanti, Aneu Kuraesin


This devotion is held in Desa Ngijo, Kecamatan Karang Ploso, Kabupaten Malang. The problems encountered in the village related to financial literacy are saving and loan management for PKK members, namely (1) savings and loan in short period (only 11 months), and (2) the form of financial statements that do not follow accounting standards cause the citizens are often prejudiced unfavorable to the board. Solutions offered by the team of devotion to overcome these problems are (1) the creation of IT-based savings and loan report that can be used by each village and village savings and loan board, the calculation system can be used continuously from year to year, and (2) training the use of financial reporting applications to savings and loan board. This solution produces an understanding among PKK members that ultimately the management of savings and loan services provides benefits in the form of their principal savings which increases every year significantly and is expected dependence on rentenir will disappeared.


PKK; Saving and Loan; IT Based financial report

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