Health Check for Early Detection of Health Status of Residents of Lebak Pari 2 Hamlet, Lebak Regency [Pemeriksaan Kesehatan dalam Rangka Deteksi Dini Status Kesehatan Warga Dusun Lebak Pari 2, Kabupaten Lebak]

Nanda Aula Rumana, Laras Sitoayu


Non-communicable diseases (NCD) are the biggest cause of death in Indonesia. In 2016 in Indonesia, an estimated 73% of people died of PTM. Factors that cause slow handling in PTM are early symptoms that are not too visible. Even though it can be detected earlier so that it can be prevented. Early detection is one of the key components in overcoming the incidence of PTM. The purpose of this community service is to provide a free examination to find out the health status of Dusun Lebak Pari 2 so that people pay more attention to their health in the hope of reducing mortality and morbidity and can improve the quality of life. Method of this community service is a health check up on the community and a visit to several homes that have conditions for people with serious illnesses. The results showed that from several examinations carried out, nutritional status (BMI) included the normal category, normal fasting blood sugar, but the category of hypertension in the community had entered the stage 1 hypertension classification. It is hoped that the community can reduce cigarette consumption because it is proven to be the highest contributor to hypertension cases in the region.


early detection; non-communicable disease

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