Data Literacy for Employees of Agriculture Service in Pangandaran Regency, West Java Province [Literasi Data Bagi Para Penyuluh Pertanian Di Kabupaten Pangandaran Provinsi Jawa Barat]

Waris Marsisno, Risni Julaeni Yuhan


Pangandaran District is a new district in West Java Province, established in 2013. The condition of the government is still in pioneering, some government institutions are still joining the original district, namely Ciamis District. This condition causes the Department of Agriculture in Pangandaran to have difficulty in providing the data. In addition to this situation, the department felt that the difficulties in data collection were due to the lack of understanding of the extension agents and field staff on the importance of data for regional development. Besides that, the agency needs agricultural data to determine the planning and direction of government policies in the agricultural sector. Therefore the agriculture department will the data literacy activities for its employees, its hope all employees to understand the scope of statistics, the importance of data and the Farmer’s Terms of Trade (FTT). The form of this activity is a one-day seminar with presentations and discussions methods. The result of this activity, participants can understand about statistics and data, all participants and field workers to develop it as part of them as data that is a very strategic part. Second, participants who are able to understand FTT as a measure of performance from the Agriculture Department, therefore the department will produce FTT.


Data; Statistics; Farmer’s Terms of Trade

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