Online Marketing Strategy in Improving Sales of Fish Cultivation in Jampang Village, Bogor [Strategi Pemasaran Online dalam Meningkatkan Penjualan Pembudidaya Ikan di Desa Jampang, Bogor]

Rakhmawati Oktavianna, Anis Syamsu Rizal, Benarda Benarda, Listya Sugiyarti, Nur Asmilia


Jampang Bogor village was one of the areas of fish farming and one of the livelihoods of its people. By utilizing situ in the village, various kinds of fish were produced. Koi ornamental fish and catfish were the hallmarks of these fish farming. Marketing was carried out by fish farmer groups directly to consumers and using online media such as Facebook, Instagram, and other social media, but still found obstacles in marketing. Community Service was conducted on 28-30 October 2018 with participants representing several groups of fish farmers in Jampang Bogor Village. The method used in the form of expository was the delivery of verbal and inquiry material, namely learning that emphasized the process of critical thinking and analytical related marketing management knowledge with an in-depth understanding of the material on how to market the results of online fish farming. Community Service activities produced an increase in knowledge for fish farmers in Jampang Village Bogor, how to manage a fish farming business to be better, able to compete and could be an example for other farmers. The Community Service activities were expected to provide inspiration and motivation for the lecturers/researchers who would carry out the same activities, the knowledge provided could benefit the community, academics, and families.


Fish Farmers; Jampang Village Bogor; Online Marketing; Community Service.

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