E-Warong as One of The Solution to Eradicate Poverty in Society [E-Warong sebagai Salah Satu Solusi Mengentaskan Kemiskinan Masyarakat]

Maya Yusnita, Duwi Agustina, Wenni Anggita


One of the government's efforts to eradicate poverty is to launch E-Warong (Warung Gotong Royong Elektronik) program. This program is under the Ministry of Social Affairs involving several related elements such as banking, Public Company (Perum) Bulog and community PKH (Family Hope Program) which is not only as an object, but also as an subject of E-Warong. This E-warong program was specifically launched to prevent the inappropriate distribution of government aid quality, quantity and targets.Science and Technology Program for the Society (IbM) is a form of devotional activities undertaken by academics as a form of knowledge transfer to the community. This program has been implemented well and targeted at Petaling Banjar Village, including; (1) Socialization and Use of E-Warong Cards; (2) Training of Information Technology System for the board; (3) Training of Stock Management to the Management; (4) Training and Admission of Accounting Recording and Financial Accounting; and (5) Provision of Name Plank.Some of the above inputs have been the implementation of this devotional activity, among others; Social Service of Bangka Regency is expected to increase socialization and understanding of PKH community towards the usefulness of E-Warong; Increased competence of human resources in this case E-Warong board is needed as one of the inputs that produce advanced output and development of E-Warong; as well as the improvement of existing facilities within E-Warong building especially in Petaling Banjar Village in order to increase the comfort of the people who transact in E-Warong.



poverty;e-warong;science and technology for society (IbM)

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30874/comdev.2017.19


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