"Sistik Er-Er" MSME Market Increase in Cipendawa Village, Cianjur [Peningkatan Pangsa Pasar UMKM “Sistik Er-Er” Desa Cipendawa, Cianjur]

Stephanie Jessica Nadine, Stanley Kristian Rustandi


The Community Development Program is a program organized by Prasetiya Mulya University which aims to improve the economy of producers in Cibeber and Pacet Sub-districts through sustainable sales using the effective and efficient implementation of MSME development strategies. Each group has the opportunity to guide producers, and this research analyzes the producers of Sistik snacks. Sistik that produced without tapioca flour and preservatives so it is safe for consumption by all type of groups, especially children. At the beginning phase of Community Development, the business owner already make sales but there were some obstacles and had not been able to optimize production results in terms of production, marketing, and financial management. The determination of the strategy used is divided according to management needs so that it can focus on overcoming the problems faced and the potential development of each management. The strategy implementation can be said to be successful because it has been able to overcome existing problems such as getting a certificate of  Home-Food Industries (P-IRT).


Community Development, Makanan ringan, UMKM, Pengembangan Produk, Pangsa Pasar, Cipendawa

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30874/comdev.2018.176


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