Training on Water Conservation and Application of Biopori Holes to Farmers of Palm plantation and Vegetable Farming in Bengkulu Province

Hery Haryanto


This essay is a summary of training activity of water conservation and application of biopori holes at two villages in Bengkulu Province, i.e. Pering Baru village surrounded by palm cultivation, Suro Lembak dominated by vegetable farming. Both villages were experienced  with shortage of water during dry season, and plenty of water during rainy season. So people from both villages were eager to be trained on water conservation and implementation of biopori hole. Water conservation in palm plantation and vegetable farming were done by making ditches perpendicular with the slope of lands in order to collect run off water, and lead to infiltration. Moreover,  biopori holes could be constructed  around their homes in order to increase water infiltration, and also to be used as organic waste digester for producing composts. This biopori holes protected  from malaria diseases due to no more stagnant water. 


water conservation; biopori hole; palm plantation; vegetable farming

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