Electric Es Puter Maker Machine for Home Industries in Rajabasa Bandar Lmapung Region [Mesin Pembuat Es Puter Elektrik untuk Home Industry di Wilayah Rajabasa Bandar Lampung]

Yetti Yuniati, Sri Purwiyanti, Yul Martin


Ice puter included in the form of home-based business that can be managed with their own family ranging from production to stage sales. Ice puter enthusiasts is never endless. If the creative seller makes a variation or by way of a unique presentation, it will certainly be its own points in the eyes of consumers. Not only consumers of children or adolescents, ice puter also enjoyed by many adults so wherever the place, especially if you have a strategic business location, then this business opportunity is very promising. The focus of this Devotion activity is the perpetrators of the red bean home industry ice puter around the area of Rajabasa. Currently the process of making ice puter is done still manually, using human power, not using the machine and electricity. Manually making this process is of course not effective because it takes a long time and energy / additional costs for the process of completion. This is of course a barrier to the development of ice puter sales business. The purpose of this activity is to find solutions from the problems of the perpetrators of home ice industry puter manually. With the creation of this electric ice machine, the maker and seller of ice puter can save the process of making as much as 90 minutes, reduce costs incurred, and can further expand its business by opening branches elsewhere.


ice puter; business; home industry; manual; electrical

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30874/comdev.2017.13


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